Medium Moon WB Yeats (Quotes)

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Yeats inscribed Wood and Crystal Moon Suncatcher. Made in Ireland.

Free Delivery to the EU, USA and Canada

  • Carol Avatar

    Simply beautiful. A gift for a friend, it is so very much and loved.
    Brilliant service. Fantastic company to deal with. I will buy more.

    Carol 8/02/2021
    Medium Personalised Suncatcher Moon Image
    Medium Personalised Suncatcher Moon
  • Lydia Avatar

    Simply gorgeous! I purchased as a gift but am tempted to keep for myself ❤️

    Lydia 7/29/2021
  • Kendra Avatar

    Just wow. What a beautiful piece. It is in my window in my office at work and makes the space feel so special and magical when the sun comes up. Just what this grumpy, non-morning person needed. You won't be disappointed!

    Kendra 7/27/2021
  • Lauren Avatar

    This came out perfect and was handled so quickly and professionally. Thank you so much! Will definitely purchase from this creator again!

    Lauren 7/26/2021
  • Jenny Avatar

    Absolutely LOVE this moon and crystal 🥰. Thank you!

    Jenny 7/26/2021
  • Elma Avatar

    Beautifully packaged. Arrived in perfect condition. Item was a gift and they loved it.

    Elma 7/25/2021
  • Antoinette Collins Avatar

    Small suncatcher absolutely beautiful. Arrived so quickly and packed with such care. I love suncatchers and this is so unique. I would recommend this product.

    Antoinette Collins 7/23/2021
    Small Moon Suncatcher Image
    Small Moon Suncatcher
  • Jillian Avatar

    Prompt, it!! The wood is beautiful

    Jillian 7/23/2021
  • nathaliedupuisross Avatar

    Littéralement magnifique!
    Il s’agence à merveille à notre maison.

    La propriétaire répond rapidement aux messages et est très sympathique ❤️

    nathaliedupuisross 7/23/2021
  • Kat Avatar

    I bought this for a friend in a time of mourning. I had it shipped to me before I sent it to her to see the quality, it is truly beautiful and of great quality. I am very happy with my purchase.

    Kat 7/23/2021
  • Gabrielle Healy Avatar

    Beautiful piece of craftsmanship while also incorporating the wonderful poems of our celebrated poet W,B Years. I just loved it when I saw it and how you did it. Best of luck with your work

    Gabrielle Healy 7/21/2021
    Large Moon WB Yeats (Full Poems) Image
    Large Moon WB Yeats (Full Poems)
  • llwrighteldub Avatar

    I love my sun catcher. it's a beautiful way to remember my cat. I hang it in the window she loved. Thank you so much!

    llwrighteldub 7/20/2021
  • Tricia Avatar

    I first saw artwood suncatcher in Irish craft shop in doolin and bought myself a gift. They are so beautifully made as soon as I got home I ordered another one as a gift. It arrived in 3 days beautifully inscribed and packaged I was literally over the moon. I cannot recommend artwood enough. #supportirishgifts

    Tricia 7/19/2021
    Medium Moon Image
    Medium Moon
  • Nicola Avatar

    Lovely gift, great quality and quick delivery

    Nicola 7/19/2021
    Small Moon Suncatcher Image
    Small Moon Suncatcher
  • Tony Avatar

    Lovely item delivered very fast. Ordered as a christening present for our Goddaughter and its just perfect, exactly as hoped. Good price too. Would order from this shop again.

    Tony 7/17/2021
  • Camilla Avatar

    Exquisitely made, lovely present for my sister

    Camilla 7/16/2021
  • Jennifer Avatar

    Beautiful piece

    Jennifer 7/14/2021
  • ugadawgrx Avatar

    Update: The seller offered me a fix (see my suggestion below) and the new one is just perfect. One of the best sellers on here I’ve bought from over the years.

    Super quick shipping. Like it got here faster from Ireland than most anything I’ve bought in the US.

    It’s super cute. Got the spalted version and even would have loved more wood grain variation.

    The only con: I realized there’s not length listed for the wire and as you can see it’s too short. I’m going to have to rig up some sort of new hanging in order for it to actually catch the sun (which will probably detract a bit from the clean line of the hook and line). I’d suggest asking for hanging length before and make sure it fits your spot.

    Pic is with flash.

    ugadawgrx 7/13/2021
  • Crystal Avatar

    My mom said she loved the gift and it was beautiful! Arrived on time because it was shipped out very quickly!

    Crystal 7/13/2021
  • Erin Avatar

    Very beautifully crafted and the packaging was so cute.

    Erin 7/11/2021
  • janeydee42 Avatar

    Absolutely Beautiful so well made. I am really pleased and excited to see my friends face when she receives this unique gift. The seller went out of her way to help me with my purchase and would definitely buy again 😊

    janeydee42 7/11/2021
  • Tamara Avatar

    Gorgeous!!! Thank you again!!

    Tamara 7/10/2021
  • Tamara Avatar

    It’s more beautiful in person! I got the Olive Ash with sun crystal for me and the beech wood with sun crystal for my best friend. Her last name is Beech and is Irish so what more perfect gift could that be! Thank you guys! Shipping was super fast! Only took a week! I thought it would be at least a month. So shocked! You guys are on top of your game! Much love from Oregon, USA!

    Tamara 7/10/2021
  • Lynne Avatar

    Beautiful piece!

    Lynne 7/10/2021
  • Veronica Avatar

    It looks beautiful in my car 🤩

    Veronica 7/08/2021

What is our Medium Moon W.B. Yeats Suncatcher?

This is a unique wood and crystal Medium Moon Suncatcher with a Yeats quote inscribed into the wood, which we make in Co. Leitrim, Ireland. 

We use ethically and locally sourced Irish wood and high-quality Egyptian Asfour crystals.

When hung in a window the sunlight catches the crystal, which acts as a prism and disperses rainbows all around your room. 

This is an ideal gift from Ireland for any age or occasion, for him or for her, for weddings, remembrance, special occasions, new baby, christening gift or baby shower gift, birthdays, and Mother’s Day. Or for anyone who appreciates the magic of Yeats’ words!

The poems that we use are “The Lake Isle of Innisfree”, “Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven” and “The Fiddler of Dooney”. We have taken our favourite lines from these poems that we feel are inspirational and timeless. 

This listing is for our Medium Moon W.B. Yeats Suncatcher. You may also like our Large Moon W.B. Yeats Suncatcher. The Large Moon W.B. Yeats Suncatchers have the whole poems inscribed on them.

The finer details:

The wooden moon is approximately 5″ (125mm) long at its longest part.

The Suncatcher comes with a choice of crystals, namely:

  • Angel: a 0.8″ (20mm) ∅ Sphere Asfour crystal with 4 Asfour octagons as wings, a 0.4″(10mm)∅ Asfour crystal head and a Preciosa crystal crown (all fairies need crystal crowns), or
  • Sphere: a 1.2″ (30mm) ∅ Sphere Asfour crystal (round ball shape), or
  • Sun: a 1.2″ (30mm)∅ Sun Asfour crystal (flat disc shape)

We protect the wood by using approximately 4-6 coats of Danish Oil. We also use extremely strong, high quality braided fishing line to hang our suncatchers. Moreover, this string does not degrade in sunlight and therefore is ideal for hanging in a sunny window.

The string measures approx 16″ (400mm) from the top of the moon to the metal hoop which is used for hanging.

Please be aware that we have designed our suncatchers for indoor use and have not tested them outdoors.

What else do I need to know about the Medium Moon W.B. Yeats Suncatcher?

Because all wood is unique and varies slightly, your exact suncatcher may differ from the above images in this listing. Without a doubt, we will make sure that each and every piece is of equal natural beauty. We aim for 100% satisfaction with our Irish Yeats quote gift from Ireland.

There is a choice of Beech or Oak Wood in the Irish Yeats quote Moon Suncatcher listing.

In Irish Folklore, wood has undeniably a strong relationship with the Irish people. They believed the trees to be sacred and magical. In addition, each tree has its own inherent properties.

BEECH has long been associated with ancient knowledge. It is said to act as a “guidance from the past” and can help to gain insight. In the home, it is good for healing, meditation and protection.

OAK is the sacred tree of the druids and ancient Celts. It is the tree of strength, endurance, prosperity and triumph. It bestows stamina, vitality and fertility.

In Feng Shui wood is the element of “new beginnings”. What’s more, in the home it has a positive effect on growth, healthy energy and family life.

Crystals bring positive energy into homes. They particularly bestow hope, joy and good luck. They activate positive and diffuse negative energy. A hanging crystal such as this Medium Moon W.B. Yeats Suncatcher can help to bring balance and calm into your space. They are especially useful in a Yoga room or meditation space.

You can see videos of our Suncatchers on our youtube channel found HERE 



Beech, Oak


Asfour Angel/Fairy, Asfour Sphere, Asfour Sun


Cloths of Heaven (Quote), Fiddler of Dooney (Quote), Lake Isle of Innisfree (Quote)

21 reviews for Medium Moon WB Yeats (Quotes)

  1. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful product, prompt service and very well packaged. Am about to order another on!

    • Emily Sachs-Eldridge

      Thanks Stephanie, much appreciated, Emily

  2. Rhoda o Sullivan (verified owner)

    Love Love Love. Do not hesitate to purchase you will not be disappointed!!

    • Emily Sachs-Eldridge

      Thanks Rhoda, your kind words really mean a lot to us. Wishing you sunshine and rainbows, Emily

  3. Bridget Gavin (verified owner)

    Love this piece – it makes me smile every time I look at it. So well made and very special

  4. Susanna (verified owner)

    I’ve sent at least 4 of these as gifts to different friends and relatives, having received one myself as a gift. All recipients have been delighted with the gift and I love mine too. They are beautifully crafted and presented Highly recommended.

  5. Mary o D (verified owner)

    I love these products ,I sent one to my son in Canada he loves it so does his neighbours.l recently sent one to my niece in Mayo ,I chose the Yeats quote for her as she was born in Sligo she’s delighted with it .They bring the sun right into the room , every home needs at least one of these .Thank you for making these beautiful products.

  6. P

    A beautiful timeless gift, perfect for any age ! An air of magic captured in each piece!

  7. Paula

    I’ve bought a couple of the sun catchers for family and friends lately and they’ve been delighted with them. I think I’ll buy the next one for myself!!!!

  8. Joanne C.

    Love the sun catchers the perfect gift whatever the occasion.To date I think I’ve sent at least 7 every body loves them. Thank you Artwood for making such a unique gift .

  9. Elizabeth F.

    Beautiful and well finished. Had one with another Yeats quote given to me . Love so much I’m returning the wonderful experience of having one for Christmas.

  10. Orla O.

    I ordered a suncatcher for my aunt for her birthday last month. She absolutely loves it as do I. It was delivered so quickly too. I’m looking forward to ordering more in the future for special family and friends. I would highly reccommend. Thank you.

  11. Aileen O.

    I bought this as a gift and the birthday girl is delighted with it. Thanks!

  12. Kieran B.

    I wanted to add a different quote on the suncatcher and Emily and everybody at Artwood made it happen. Fantastic service. The suncatcher itself is beautifully made and will make a fabulous birthday gift. Wishing you all continued success.

  13. Colette H.

    I purchased it as a present for a significant birthday of a close friend. She is delighted with it. I am not sure how many in total I have purchased so far but I intend to purchase more. As far as I can determine the Suncatcher is universally acceptable as a beautiful desirable gift.

  14. Anne L.

    Recently purchased 2 Suncatchers for my sisters in the UK and they are delighted with them. A fabulous gift for anyone who is Irish & living abroad & especially if you are, as we are, from County Leitrim!!

  15. Petronella

    Just bought one in Sligo in The cat &The moon shop.
    Love it will come back for others.

  16. Mike L.

    Lovely craftsmanship in an environmentally friendly box. A pleasure to give to friends & family

  17. Gladys S.

    Supperb craftmanship to capture the suns rays and split into glorious colours Beautiful

  18. Gerard h.

    This was purchased as a Christmas gift for family abroad -w ho really love it and were thrilled with the design & quality ,

  19. Anne M.

    I love it and intend buying more as birthday gifts. They are so pretty and unusual.

  20. Anne M.

    Loved it, for a bereaved friend in Australia, she loved it also

  21. John B.

    Recently purchased a Yeats Quote Suncatcher as a gift. It’s terrible only in that having purchased one every South facing window in the house demands one! A superb gift for anyone

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