So where did this all begin?

Artwood is the innovative creation of Giolla Liddy and Emily Sachs-Eldridge. It is an Irish family craft business that they are so proud of. It all started back in 2013.

Giolla had been working as a carpenter for many years after his father taught him the trade as a young boy. He soon found that this was the life for him. Together, Giolla and his father made many kitchen cabinets, tables and pretty much anything that someone needed.

Emily is trained as an organic horticulturist and she had been working at markets selling organic vegetables.

One day Emily brought home a crystal for hanging in their window. It was decorated with some small plastic beads but Emily only wanted the crystal. However, Giolla looked at the crystal and thought “I could do something nice with that” and so their first Suncatcher was born. Giolla initially came up with the idea of the Moon Suncatchers. With this purpose in mind, he went out to the workshop and came back later with a beautiful gift for his wife. As they looked at the piece they thought “Maybe other people might like these too?”

What happened next?

That Christmas Giolla and Emily brought their first creations to their local Christmas Market in Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim. The response they got was overwhelming. Moreover, they sold out of all Giolla’s suncatchers he had made, moons and rings.

In May 2014 Giolla and Emily decided to officially set up Artwood as an Irish family craft business. The business gathered momentum as they attended more markets and set up their own website. Over the last few years, Giolla and Emily have expanded their range of suncatcher shapes, wood varieties and crystal designs. They received funding from the Leitrim Local Enterprise Office and were then able to grow the business even more. In 2016 they embraced technology and purchased a Laser Engraver. The couple were then able to offer Personalised Suncatchers which proved to be very popular with their customers. Also in 2016 Artwood was featured on Nationwide which gave the business an enormous boost.

And now?

Giolla and Emily take great care to produce suncatchers of the highest quality. The majority of the wood that they use is locally sourced. They have Beech and Oakwood which was grown a few hundred meters from their home and workshop.

They specifically use environmentally friendly packaging and they try as best they can to reuse and upcycle where they can.

Most importantly they are grateful to live and work from home and to be able to share their creations with people all over the world.

Wishing you all sunshine and rainbows!