From raw wood to beautiful rainbows

rainbow maker and wood

Rainbows all the way

Our latest batch of Beech wood is really beautiful. Kiln dried and ready to go. There’s a whole rainbow of colour in this one type of wood alone, from pale yellow to coppery reds and everyting in between.

Beech wood and its recognition in Irish folklore.rainbow maker in the making

Beech wood has long been associated with ancient knowledge and “guidance from the past” to gain insight. In the home it is good for healing, meditation and protection.

Rainbow of suncatchers

The benefits of Beechwood.

As a hardwood, Beech is long-lasting and durable.

Beech is a native tree here in Ireland. You will find many beautiful forest walks, often filled with bluebells and wild garlic as they grow well with the Beech trees.

Rainbows and Beechwood

We combine our Beech wood moon-shaped suncatchers with crystal prisms to create window-hangings that will last a life time. When hung in a window the crystal catches the sun and creates a myriad of rainbows around your room.

The Beech wood is an excellent wood for engraving on too so you can personalise your suncatcher with a special message.

Rainbow maker Beech moon

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