Medium Moon

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Wood and Crystal Rainbow-Maker Moon Suncatcher. Made in Ireland.

Free Delivery to the EU, USA and Canada

  • What is our Wooden Medium Moon suncatcher with crystal rainbow-maker?

    This is a unique wood and crystal Medium Moon Suncatcher which we make in Co. Leitrim, Ireland. 

    We use ethically and locally sourced Irish wood and high-quality Egyptian Asfour crystals.

    When hung in a window the sunlight catches the crystal, which acts as a prism and disperses rainbows all around your room. 

    This is an ideal gift from Ireland for any age or occasion, for him or for her, for weddings, remembrance, special occasions, new baby, christening gift or baby shower gift, birthdays, and Mother’s Day. Or for anyone who loves chasing rainbows!

    This listing is for our Medium Moon Suncatcher. You may also like our Medium Personalised Moon Suncatcher

    The finer details:

    The wooden moon is approximately 5″ (125mm) long at its longest part.

    The Suncatcher comes with a choice of crystals, namely:

    • Angel: a 0.8″ (20mm) ∅ Sphere Asfour crystal with 4 Asfour octagons as wings, a 0.4″(10mm)∅ Asfour crystal head and a Preciosa crystal crown (all fairies need crystal crowns), or
    • Sphere: a 1.2″ (30mm) ∅ Sphere Asfour crystal (round ball shape), or
    • Sun: a 1.2″ (30mm)∅ Sun Asfour crystal (flat disc shape)

    We protect the wood by using approximately 4-6 coats of Danish Oil. We also use extremely strong, high quality braided fishing line to hang our suncatchers. Moreover, this string does not degrade in sunlight and therefore is ideal for hanging in a sunny window.

    The string measures approx 16″ (400mm) from the top of the moon to the metal hoop which is used for hanging.

    Please be aware that we have designed our suncatchers for indoor use and have not tested them outdoors.

    What else do I need to know about the Wooden Medium Moon Suncatcher with crystal rainbow-maker?

    Because all wood is unique and varies slightly, your exact suncatcher may differ from the above images in this listing. Without a doubt, we will make sure that each and every piece is of equal natural beauty. We aim for 100% satisfaction with all of our rainbow-makers.

    There is a choice of Spalted Beech, Beech, Oak, Elm, Olive Ash and Walnut Wood in the Medium Moon Suncatcher listing.

    About the wood choices:

    In Irish Folklore, wood has undeniably a strong relationship with the Irish people. They believed the trees to be sacred and magical. In addition, each tree has its own inherent properties.

  • BEECH has long been associated with ancient knowledge. It acts as a “guidance from the past” and can help to gain insight. In the home, it is good for healing, meditation and protection. Spalted Beech is a Beechwood that has an attractive pattern in it, mainly dark lines. 
  • OAK is the sacred tree of the druids and ancient Celts. It is the tree of strength, endurance, prosperity and triumph. It bestows stamina, vitality and fertility.
  • ELM represents stability, grounding and strength and is associated with Mother and Earth Goddesses. Additionally, it enhances relationships and communication and bestows spirituality.
  • ASH is considered to be the Father of Trees. In ancient Ireland, the Celts believed that Guardian spirits resided in Ash wood. Concurrently it is excellent for absorbing sickness. Furthermore, it bestows protection and healing in the home. It was said to offer protection from drowning, and is the wood used for magic wands.
  • WALNUT is symbolic of wisdom, confidence, focus, inspiration and protection.  
  • Anything else?

    In Feng Shui wood is the element of “new beginnings”. What’s more, in the home it has a positive effect on growth, healthy energy and family life. Crystals bring positive energy into homes. They particularly bestow hope, joy and good luck. They activate positive and diffuse negative energy.

  • A hanging crystal such as this Medium Moon Suncatcher can help to bring balance and calm into your space. They are especially useful in a Yoga room or meditation space.
  • You can see videos of our Suncatchers on our youtube channel HERE



Beech, Elm, Oak, Olive Ash, Spalted Beech, Walnut


Asfour Angel/Fairy, Asfour Sphere, Asfour Sun

69 reviews for Medium Moon

  1. Kathryn (verified owner)

    This suncatcher and the seven others I purchased our extremely well-made with love and caring detail. They are on their way to becoming family heirlooms.

  2. Kathryn (verified owner)

    This sun-catcher and the 7 others I purchased will be joyful memories for many family members. All very well made and appreciated by the recipients

  3. Maureen (verified owner)

    Bought my 3rd moon sun catcher as a baby shower gift for a “rainbow ” baby.
    Will be ordering 2 more for gifts soon.
    One hangs in my kitchen and delights me with rainbow daily.

  4. Jo

    Absolutely beautiful sun catcher well made wood is just gorgeous, service was brilliant, thank you very much, you’ve made my day.

  5. Lisa (verified owner)

    Bought my 5th Moonfrom Artwood, love them. Fantastic presents!
    Quick service and delivery. Would 100% recommend them.

  6. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Today I bought my second moon they are the most unique gift and everyone loves them . They make you think of someone when you least expect it 🌈

  7. Sarah (verified owner)

    This is my second Mooncatcher Iv purchased from Artwood & I absolutely love them!! I have one recently as a gift & the Lady was blown away..Mine hangs beautiful in my window 😃 I will definitely be buying more 🙏🏻 Thank You

  8. Maria (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and great service! Made a fabulous present, went straight back to buy another one. Absolutely recommend.

  9. Rachel (verified owner)

    Beautifully made products and the perfect Christmas gift!

  10. Ciara O’Connor

    This is my go to gift for special occasions, to celebrate a birth or to bring comfort and light to someone suffering. It really is a beautiful gift. Thank you.

  11. Elaine Laide (verified owner)

    So lovely- am delighted. This is the the 3rd one I’ve bought. Service & delivery as reliable & prompt as usual.

  12. Paula McCormack (verified owner)

    Beautifully made and happy to support Irish goods

    • Emily Sachs-Eldridge

      Thank you Paula, your support is very much appreciated. Wishing you sunshine and rainbows, Emily

  13. Tricia (verified owner)

    I first saw artwood suncatcher in Irish craft shop in doolin and bought myself a gift. They are so beautifully made as soon as I got home I ordered another one as a gift. It arrived in 3 days beautifully inscribed and packaged I was literally over the moon. I cannot recommend artwood enough. #supportirishgifts

    • Emily Sachs-Eldridge

      Thanks Tricia, your lovely message has made me smile. Wishing you sunshine and rainbows, Emily

  14. Liz Kavanagh (verified owner)

    Bought it to brighten up my home office. Very pleased with it. Will definitely be buying more for gifts. Really lovely.

    • Emily Sachs-Eldridge

      Thanks Liv, wishing you sunshine and rainbows, Emily

  15. Anne Moore (verified owner)

    Our suncatcher is the gift that keeps on giving … the sun hits the crystal it spreads rainbows around the room. Truly beautiful.
    The.spalted beech is such a gorgeous wood , everything about this piece is a work of art.
    So easy to order, beautifully packaged, quick delivery. The.perfect gift

    • Emily Sachs-Eldridge

      Thanks so much Anne for your lovely review, much appreciated. Wishing you sunshine and rainbows, Emily

  16. Anne Moore (verified owner)

    We absolutely love our suncatcher..we got it as gift and it truly is the gift that keeps on giving..
    So easy to order,packaging so beautiful, arrived within 3days!!
    It’s a matter of finding the perfect spot for it and once the sun hits the crystal it lights up the whole room ..
    From such a small but beautiful piece of artwork the results are stunning.
    I have since bought 4 more to send as gifts…and will continue to buy them for friends.and family …
    You have just GOT to see it to believe its beauty.. my favourite is the spalted beech…the finish is perfect .
    A huge thanks to my friend who gave it to me in the first place.

    • Emily Sachs-Eldridge

      Wow, thanks Anne, 2 reviews, that’s very generous of you and such a great review too, thank you so much.

  17. Rose Greer (verified owner)

    Beautifully crafted, responsibly packaged and shipped quickly. My family loves the suncatcher, we enjoy watching the rainbow dance or the kids chasing them.

    • Emily Sachs-Eldridge

      Thanks Rose, your lovely message has made me smile.

  18. Susan MacAllister (verified owner)

    Wonderful personal service…Emily even stuck a pretty ‘do not open until 29th’ message on parcel for my daughter’s birthday. Great to have such an innovative and beautiful product made by an Irish company.Cool packaging and delivery was excellent.Any age group would love one of these.Thanks Artwood😁

    • Emily Sachs-Eldridge

      Thanks Susan, I hope your daughter enjoyed her birthday and that you will be able to see each other soon.

  19. Maeve Kane (verified owner)

    Beautiful product, a little smaller than I thought but that doesn’t detract from how lovely it is. I will be buying for friends and family and myself of course! Quick delivery, good packaging

  20. Josephine Nye (verified owner)

    I have a collection of Artwood products, excellent quality and great customer service. I have also bought them as gifts for friends

  21. Clare Cunningham (verified owner)

    I ordered the medium moon for an Xmas gift. When it arrived, I loved it so much, I ordered four more sun catchers. All gifts were adored by recipients. The quality and workmanship of each item is exceptional. I would highly recommend Artwood. Sevice and delivery is so efficient. I will certainly purchase again from Artwood. I just love their products.

  22. Breid Sands (verified owner)

    I love my sun catcher and find the rainbows so uplifting. I have ordered a few now as gifts and all orders have been filled very efficiently. The sun catcher is a lovely gift to receive and the rainbows are continuing to spread good vibes . Thank you Artwood

  23. Christina

    Beautifully made and delivered very promptly. We got one as a gift and decided it would be an ideal gift for our friends.

  24. Jen (verified owner)

    This is my third moon catcher I’ve bought from Artwood, this one as a gift to my best friend. She absolutely loves it! My own one fills my kitchen with such beautiful rainbows that I wanted her to have the same – but they are stunning pieces even when the sun isn’t shining! They make great gifts but I really recommend gifting one to yourself too 🙂

  25. Gerry Mc Clory (verified owner)

    Beautifully made It was shipped very quickly even with Brexit and was packaged so well. It enhances our sun room when it catches the sun with all the colours. Very relaxing and my grandchildren love trying to catch the Fairies

    • Giolla

      Thanks for sharing your lovely story with us Gerry.

  26. Laura (verified owner)

    Beautifully crafted and true to the photos. Packaging is very nice and is recyclable as well. So happy with this purchase

    • Giolla

      Thanks Laura, environmentally friendly packaging is very important to us so thank you for highlighting that.

  27. Joanne Neville (verified owner)

    Bought 2 for my daughters for Christmas and they absolutely love them 💖 Beautifully crafted! My daughter blánaid has been getting asked where she got it many times,she loves the rainbows on her walls and bringing smiles on these dark days xx thank you to support Irish 🇮🇪

  28. Marian S.

    I sent it to UAE as a a gift and have not received confirmation of its arrival do I have no feedback to offer.I have bought your products before and always been happy with the gift and its presentation

  29. Catherine J.

    I bought this as a gift for a friend and she’s going to LOVE it. I want one for myself now 🙂

  30. Christine D.

    Beautiful piece. Will bring pleasure for many years. Leitrim abu

  31. Taylor D.

    I am in love! My moon sun-catcher is so beautiful. It shipped very quickly and was packaged so well. I will be buying more amazing art from artwood!

  32. Chanessa B.

    Arrived beautifully and with fast shipping. The craftsmanship was wonderful. Will def purchase from again.

  33. Mary O.

    Suncatcher is beautifully made. Delivery was very quick and efficient. Love dealing with Artwood.

  34. Helen F.

    I love the art wood products and frequently give them as birth gifts And also to support people at difficult times.

  35. Karleigh S.

    I saw these when I was in Ireland and regretted not buying one… I recently ordered one for a friend’s birthday and it is beautiful! It also arrived much quicker than I thought it would. Beautiful!

  36. Mary O.

    Excellent product. Despatched quickly to the Uk. Very impressed

  37. Cynthia C.


  38. Mairead O. quality..right down to the packaging

  39. Danny B.

    It’s exactly what the wife wanted, and I’m glad it made a great birthday gift! Arrived safely and quickly to California, USA.

  40. Sharon B.

    I bought a beech suncatcher with an angel for my mom. I had one myself that I adore so this was the obvious choice. It is a lovely size and the angel balances perfectly in the middle. Lovely packaging and so cute

  41. Colette C.

    Little disappointed at the size was expecting it to be a little bigger for the price

  42. Leslie W.

    Everything about it sparkles and makes me happy. The Spalted Beech is very nice, smooth and has a natural look. The crystal is perfect. Simple elegant and beautiful.

  43. Theresa F.

    Even though I have purchased several of these Suncatchers and have had them delivered to New Zealand, Holland and now hopefully Scotland I have actually never seen them. This particular order still has not been delivered, probably due to Christmas Post backlog. I am hoping it to arrive soon. I will let you know the feedback when my sister receives it.

  44. Karen G.

    I ordered a suncatcher through the Artwood website. There is a suncatcher for every budget, and I love the fact that you can also choose which crystal comes with your suncatcher. The delivery was very quick and the product itself is gorgeous. I highly recommend Artwood products

  45. Sharon L.

    I was delighted with the suncatcher. The grain and colours in he spalted beech was beautiful. My only regret was not going for the larger size.

  46. Stephanie S.

    The perfect gift for a chrsitening. Absolutely love all of your products! 🙂

  47. Debbie M.

    Great buy, the suncatcher was a gift for a friend, she loved it and has told me that everyone who sees it in her kitchen has admired it! Super speedy delivery also. Highly recommend.

  48. Amy R.

    I purchased this sun-catcher for a friend for a Christmas present. it is so gorgeous and it enhances the room when it catches the sun with all the colours of the rainbow. it is a beautiful gift that will last and the person will always be reminded of you when they see it every day.

  49. Ana S.

    I really like your wood and glass art

  50. Elaine R.

    Bought as a gift for my mum who loved it. Excellent quality and very quick delivery.

  51. Aideen B.


  52. Sharon K.

    Really love this and great quality!

  53. Jennifer

    Love these so much I have purchased 4 so far. I have one in the front of my house for morning light and one in the back for evening light.
    The rainbows are like nothing I have ever seen and I love sharing them with people that are special to me.

  54. Caoimhe M.

    These are my ‘go to’ for special birthdays and baby gifts.

  55. Jane B.

    I saw these sun catchers in Ireland and foolishly didn’t buy one! I managed to track them down online and order two, one for me and one for my best friends 50th birthday. They are absolutely beautiful. The wood, the crystals. I’d highly recommend them. Very high quality and very effective internet service.

  56. Kay D.

    Was disappointed with the size, thought from the image online it looked bigger.

  57. Fergus S.

    The sun catcher was bought as a Christmas present and really went down a treat. Love the craftsmanship

  58. Mary T.

    It was lovely, nicely packaged, prompt delivery and a really nice addition to any sunny window!

  59. Ceire N.

    I purchased the Ash wood moon catcher for my Mum after she saw you on Nationwide. She absolutely loves it, it hangs in her kitchen window catching the sun beautifully. I would definitely recommend these as a unique gift for someone. Beautiful handcrafted product, packaged really nicely and made in Ireland!

  60. Victoria Q.

    Brilliant gift for a little girl who has everything.

  61. Mrs m.

    Bought for my 20 year old daughter for Christmas and she loved it. Packaging was very good. Delighted with my purchase and would buy again.

  62. Helen F.

    Beautiful craftmanship

  63. Msrgurtite W.

    It is a beautiful item which I have hung in our front porch and the light reflects through the glass Angel .really beautiful thank you

  64. Marie C.

    The quality of the product is top class. The wood is beautiful, well shaped and lovely to hold and the crystal is good and heavy and reflects the light beautifully. I was going to change this medium one for a large one as it was slightly smaller than described. However, I kept it and am delighted with it.

  65. Craig S.

    Great product

  66. Lisa L.

    I recently bought 2 of these to give as birthday presents for friends. They absolutely loved them and couldn’t compliment the skill of the craftsman and beauty of the finished piece enough. They have since reported beautiful rays of light being shon around the room from the crystals hanging inside.

  67. Nicola H.

    Bought this as a present for my goddaughter’s christening. It’s is so beautiful and well made, and something that can be loved at all ages. Will definitely be adding one of these to my birthday list! Thank you Artwood.

  68. Ioanna

    Excellent costumer service!Super fast shipping!Amazing item!5 star aren’t enough!

  69. Lisa L.

    I ordered the alder moon suncatcher and choose the hanging angel as a present for my sister-in-law. She is a yoga teacher and placed it in the room where she holds her classes right in the window for when the sun shines. It is absolutely amazing – it fills the room with beautiful sun rays of colour and all her customers comment about it. The wood is of such exquisite finish, it is a beautiful piece of art. Delivery very quick and presented in a lovely box too. Thank you.

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