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Unique, Wood and Crystal Ring Suncatchers. Made in Ireland.

Free Delivery to the EU, USA and Canada

What are our Ring Suncatchers?

These are unique wood and crystal window-hangings that are shaped in 2 or 3 Concentric Ring Suncatchers. We make these in Co. Leitrim, Ireland. We use ethically and locally sourced Irish wood and high-quality Egyptian Asfour crystals.

When hung in a window the sunlight catches the crystal and disperses rainbows all around your room. Furthermore, the rings can all move independently of each other.

They make a perfect gift for any age or occasion, especially weddings, remembrances, special occasions, new baby, christening gift or baby shower gift, birthdays, and Mother’s Day. And Father’s Day too! 

This listing is for our 2 or 3 Ring Suncatchers. You may also like our Moon Suncatchers

The finer details:

2 Ring Suncatcher

The diameter of the outer ring of the 2 Ring Suncatcher is 5.5″ (140mm). It has 5 x 0.4″ (10mm) crystal beads on the string.

3 Ring Suncatcher

The diameter of the outer ring of the 3 Ring Suncatcher is 7″ (180mm). It has 5 x 0.4″ (10mm) crystal beads on the string.

Both styles of Suncatcher come with a choice of either

  • a 1.5″ (40mm) ∅ Sphere crystal (round ball shape) or
  • a 1.5″ (40mm) ∅ Sun crystal (flat disc shape).

Both are capable of dispersing a myriad of colourful rainbows in equal measure.

We protect the wood by using approximately 4-6 coats of Danish Oil. We also use extremely strong, high quality braided fishing line to hang our suncatchers. Moreover, this string does not degrade in sunlight and therefore is ideal for hanging in a sunny window.

The string measures approx 16″ (400mm) from the top of the outer ring.

Please be aware that we have designed our suncatchers for indoor use and have not tested them outdoors.

What else do I need to know about the 2 or 3 Ring Suncatchers?

Because all wood is unique and varies slightly, your exact suncatcher may differ from the above images in this listing. Without a doubt, we will make sure that each and every piece is of equal natural beauty.

There is a choice of Spalted Beech, Beech or Oak Wood in the 2 or 3 Ring Suncatcher listing.

Feng Shui, Yoga and Irish Folklore:

In Feng Shui wood is the element of “new beginnings”. What’s more, in the home it has a positive effect on growth, healthy energy and family life.

Crystals bring positive energy into homes. They particularly bestow hope, joy and good luck. They activate positive and diffuse negative energy. A hanging crystal such as these 2 or 3 Ring Suncatchers can help to bring balance and calm into your space. They are especially useful in a Yoga room or meditation space.

In Irish Folklore, wood has undeniably a strong relationship with the Irish people. They believed the trees to be sacred and magical. In addition each tree has its own inherent properties.

BEECH has long been associated with ancient knowledge and “guidance from the past” to gain insight. In the home, it is good for healing, meditation and protection.

OAK is the sacred tree of the druids and ancient Celts. It is the tree of strength, endurance, prosperity and triumph. It bestows stamina, vitality and fertility.

ELM represents stability, grounding and strength and is associated with Mother and Earth Goddesses. Additionally, it enhances relationships and communication and bestows spirituality.


You can see videos of our Suncatchers on our youtube channel found HERE 




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24 reviews for Ring Suncatchers

  1. Kathryn Hungness (verified owner)

    So delighted with each of the 4 suncatchers sent across great distances to 4 family members and their responses to them that I purchased 4 more for additional family members. All will be treasured heirlooms with a magical twinkle

  2. Deirdre (verified owner)

    I bought the beech suncatcher and am very pleased with it. Placed in the right sunlight area, you’ll get beautiful results. The wood rings are beautifully finished. Emily was a pleasure to deal with. Would highly recommend the suncatcher as a purchase for yourself or a gift. Will be buying another soon.

    • Emily Sachs-Eldridge

      Thanks Deirdre, your kind words are very much appreciated.

  3. Alison K.


  4. Shannon P.

    Haven’t received yet

  5. Edel H.

    I have not received it although its been 8 days since notification of shipping,How do I go about tracing its whereabouts?Thank you!

  6. Chelsea C.

    Thank you so much! I love buying these as gifts for friends and family, they’re so beautiful and we’ll made!

  7. Caroline S.

    Love this, got it as first birthday present for baby , he loves watching the colors through the crystal and it spinning around.

  8. Paul g.

    Yes the product was beautifully crafted and presented and an ideal Christmas gift. The person who received the gift loved it also and is proudly displaying it in their home. Wonderful gift.

  9. Patricia P.

    Very happy with this beautiful suncatcher. perfect choice for the person,who thinks they have everything.

  10. Caroline G.

    Beautiful gift for yourself or someone else – I really love these sun catchers. Delivery was quick and easy too. Lovely company to deal with. Would highly recommend and will be making more purchases in the future.

  11. Linda M.

    Love the products

  12. Grainne M.

    My second time buying they are so beautifully made and a great present

  13. Mike L.

    A bit smaller than I expected but beautiful. Saw this site 3 years ago & now giving them to two very special friends. The poems by WB years make them special & different. Delivery is efficient with a beautiful cardboard presentation box

  14. Michelle H.

    Lovely piece of craftwork

  15. Tony O.

    Lovely piece, I got it as a gift for my partner and she loves it.

  16. ken m.

    job well thanks will be back all great

  17. Siobhan B.

    Beautiful craftmanship well worth the price

  18. Alice C.

    I was very pleased with my purchase which was a gift for friends in New Zealand!! We visited there just after Christmas . My daughter is married to a guy from Wellington so we travelled with them and their new baby to see Kiwi relatives. I was almost reluctant to part with my beautiful Suncatcher but the recipients were absolutely thrilled with it. The fact that it was hand crafted in Ireland from Irish wood was all the more appealing for them. Thank you for prompt delivery. I hope to get one myself soon !!

  19. Maura M.

    I ordered the suncatcher before Christmas, it was sent to me speedily and before the date requested. It is beautiful, and original and I was very pleased with it. I will certainly be ordering more of them.

  20. Ita N.

    Love the item but I think you should put a note in advising using pliers to secure crystal onto hook as it just falls off (at least mine did) and it’s a bit fiddly to do

  21. Glenn W.

    It was made to a very high spec. & it is lovely

  22. John R.

    The 3 suncatchers arrived very promptly and we were delighted with the quality and craftsmanship of these delightful items. One was for ourselves and the other two are Christmas presents for others. If only someone would send us presents of this calibre.

  23. Róisín b.

    The quality of the craftmanship and aesthetic of the product itself combined with the seamless experience of purchasing from artwood on line, I would rate as excellent. The website was clear and easy to navigate. And the purchase arrived swiftly. I would highly recommend them.

  24. Sherri

    Thank you, Giolla! The photos of your moons do NOT do them justice!. It is absolutely gorgeous in person! I cant wait to give this to my future mother-in-law on my wedding day! Excellent communication and quick shipping! Thank you so much!

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